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Friday, November 03, 2006


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» somebody thinks i am special, or, how to get mentioned on blogs from All For You
Mike thinks I am worth talking about. Because I noticed and commented a bit on why his blog Digital Agency had the top spot in Google for youtube beat superbowl when all he really said was, hey, check out this AdAge story. I took a look a... [Read More]



Mike, thank you for the link, and I think it is worth noting that now, for 'youtube beats superbowl' you have the first two results and I have the next three. So between us, we have almost all the above the fold space.

The next two spots are..... blogs.

And then AdAge- but not even the original article itself!

So I get rich by talking about you, you get rich by talking about AdAge, while they.... well, at least they write content worth talking about.

Andy Polaine

Yeah, but who bothers to link to AdAge these days? We're all interested in meta-commentary.

Stan Lee

Once a great copywriter, always a great copywriter. Your H/L wins hands down. End of story.

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