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Thursday, January 25, 2007



Ewan, I was aware of the eduPool, (http://www.flickr.com/groups/edublogoffices/), when I read about it on your blog yesterday.

Then I saw Iain was thinking along the same lines this morning.

I'm just such a well connected guy I guess!

What's more, my shot believe it or not, was propped by an Art Director from Wallpaper magazine, and a stylist from Heals, who flew in at a moments notice, such is the power of blogging.

But unfortunately,I forgot put my iPhone, top secret Apple wireless tablet and rolled up fabric, bluetooth keyboard into the shot. And my pre-release dvd of 24 Day 7, (which hasn't even been written yet, let alone shot).

But at least everyone can just about read the emails that 'just happened' to on my screen from Nelson Mandela, Bono and Steve Jobs.

Ewan McIntosh

How strange is that?! I started the same thing yesterday, too, yet I don't know Iain's blog:


Serendipity strikes again!

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