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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Leon Jacobs

Interesting. I was faced with the to renew/not renew conundrum a few months ago. The majority of services I don't use. But the email is pretty good. I like the mac.com domain in my address and the ability to set up multiple aliases. The other reason for renewing was the ease of syncing contacts with phone, .Mac and computer.

Also, I use an MBP, an old Powerbook at home and a Final Cut station at work and because of .Mac, all my contacts, email and bookmarks are always there.

I was a bit disappoined that .Mac didn't get a bit of the ol' Jobs treatment in San Francisco last month, but I guess iPhone was just too big for anything else to fit into the Keynote. Even Leopard got glanced over.

What features in a .Mac 2.0 in Leopard would make you stay?

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