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Wednesday, May 02, 2007



Hi there,
there are monthly coffee mornings every third Friday of each month in the Hub Bristol. Start 9am.
Its located just next to the old Vic, 35 King street, BS14DZ.

neil cowan

I'm in Bristol on Friday and will try and make this. I'm a Russell reader (in Campaign more regularly than his blog) and, as a fan, I'm interested in meeting his 'recommended' people.


Hi Mike,

Happy to join everyone for coffee, the Watershed is very central (and just along from our office).

My mobile is 07739705578.

john.bradford (at) futurelab.org.uk

Chris Garrett

If you could relocate to Gloucester, I could definitely make it, Bristol's a pain in the morning though.


I'm a regular reader and I am based in Bristol, working at True Digital - james.warfield@truedigital.co.uk

Would like to get together for coffee morning, work permitting.

It might be worth contacting someone here:


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