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Friday, June 22, 2007



Thanks all round to Mikeyboy, Carol and all at Whitespace for a splendid evening. Sorry I couldn't make Centocoffeemorn as I was playing in A Hickory open at Musselburgh. Graham Scott of Nevis only broke the one club, the Beast.
Great night all round.
Keep 'em coming lads, and the occasional lass.


Fraser thanks for the comment.

I have a new moby, not sure which number you texted, am still 'grappling' with it.

Sorry I didn't pick it up,

see you soon,


m: 0787 294 3883

Fraser Edwards

Gutted to have missed both beer 2.01 and today's coffee morning. Sent you a text Mike to see if I could join in via Skype but might not have used the right number?!

Will do better next week and at least make one event as it's a dull week without catching up.

David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Hello Mike,

A big thanks to everyone who organised last night's get-together, and a big apology for rushing off early to play football.

It was great meeting those of you I had the chance to, and hopefully I'll meet the others before too long.

Ciao for now.

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