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Friday, January 11, 2008


Dave Roberts

Brilliant video, Michael. You are, indeed, an auteur.

Terinea Weblog

Slept in!

Will be along next week.


Fraser Edwards

Sorry I didn't make it but glad it wasn't the first ever coffee morning with an attendance of one.

Hoping to get back to normal next week for the big first birthday :-)

Joanna Young

The video was brilliant! We did indeed have a good time though.

Will try and get up in time for 8am for next week :-)



Apologies Mike but I felt like the South-end of a North-facing badger this morning. Trying to ignore the first signs of man 'flu as I simply refuse to be ill at the weekend.

I'll be there next week but as it's the morning after my birthday I may be there in body only!

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