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Friday, March 07, 2008


mark gorman


You are a twit(tr)

Mike Coulter

Stan, well spotted. You win the T-Shirt. What size are you? And as Edwyn also said so eruditely: "It's alright, yeah, it's all right yeah, it's all right yeah...."(to fade.)


Alas I shall miss the prophet, although I have a feeling it can't last long, you'll beg him back soon enough.

You'll miss his sheep throwing, twittering, photo posting, self-promoting ways.

Are you really ready to give up the daily search for that elusive hit?

Stan Lee

Surely someone who quotes Edwyn Collins in their brief bio is worth spending time with?


Tattoo-me-Keith would've done a much more efficient job than that old DeadHead.
Probably see him soon with his dog and a paper cup on Princes Street.
Maybe even with two dogs.


A tour de force, Uncle Michael Not so much self-deprecating humour as self-eviscerating. Oh, and Mr Prophet looks strangely like Lee Clow, if you ask me.

Jonathan Barrett

Hope you hung on to that 5G iPhone before you lobbed him out of the office?

Terinea Weblog

Very funny Mike!

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