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Saturday, August 08, 2009



I am a residential user not a business, and I have been struggling with a faulty connection since March. My line will support 2.5 meg, but I only get 0.34 meg. http://www.speedtest.net/result/537305205.png
The engineer says all my equipment is fine, the line is fine, but it is a fault at the exchange, a brass profile or something. Bt wholesale say it is openreach problem. Openreach say it is bt wholesale problem. My ISP can't talk to either, can just leave messages. Both BT depts won't talk to each other either. No joined up thinking means I don't have a connection. Join me up to the internet BT. I live alone in a rural location, I am 79 yrs old and I am just as important as the next person. I need broadband to stay independent and I need you to provide what I pay you to provide. It is not my fault, it is not my ISPs fault. It is your fault. Please stop making excuses and sort yourself out. Broadband is a utility, and if you can't provide it then move over and let someone else have the infrastructure we paid for and they can upgrade it and look after the consumers, because you aren't interested from the looks of things.


I was responsible for a number of offices around the country. When I joined my brief was to sort out the comms. I had service just as here described until I mentioned PJs Private Jobs where I paid BT engineer to fix things regardless of his work sheet. Within 3 months we had all the comms we needed. Cost about £5K. Totally wrong of course but I was there to provide a service and not excuses for BT cock-ups. Also demonstrated that the engineers could do the job but their orders prevented them.


I believe every word of that, because it is the same here. BT really are the PITS. No wonder half the country can't get a decent connection, and so many people who won't go to the trouble you did just give up and stay as refuseniks. I am bookmarking this page, please keep updating your saga!

Lindsey Annison

It makes you want to cry. We hear this every day and yet BT seem unable/unwilling to do anything about situations like this where businesses in the UK are left unable to communicate in the 21st century over their 20th century network.

I hope when you say it is finally working, Par Equity are still connected too......

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